Murder Mystery Dinner – all emerged in 1920s

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It’s 1920s, your flapper self are out with friends at a dinner at one of the most popular restaurants in town when one of your waiters is killed.

No one is allowed to leave the room. You can go on with your dinner, but if you want to get out of there, you better listen to the detective, hear the clues, roam around and interview people and figure out who the killer is before it’s pinned on you!

Nothing is mandatory. You can just sit at your table, eat your food dressed in your not-so-1920s jeans and zone everything and everybody out, but I guarantee you’re missing out. Especially when  the food is not that good. ;)

If you choose to go, go for the whole experience, from dressing up, to fighting to get a table as close to the center as possible, so you are where all the action is.

The improv actors inviting you in, serving your food and interactively entertaining you throughout the dinner are not only putting a lot of effort into it, but they seem to enjoy themselves too, so do yourself a favor and go with the flow.

1920's muster mystery dinnerThe food is part of the entrance ticket, but the drinks are not, and those are not cheap. Even a small bottle of water was $3.00 and if I remember correctly it was cash only.

Do not go for the wine! Big mistake! But water, soda and beer are the standard quality you get anywhere.

Read the clues in the brochure they give you at the start, but follow the instructions and turn each page when instructed. It will make more sense and you’ll maximize the fun factor. Get involved. Do not sit idle in your chair, or you just wasted your money and your evening.

In LA – the show is downtown in a sketchy area, but as long as you’re in a group, you are safe. The restaurant is located on the 2nd floor and the only way to upstairs was through the parking lot entrance which is very steep and will take a toll on your feet if you’re wearing heels, so either just park there and pay or park on street and take your time up and especially down that ramp.

For $30, the entertainment and food was pretty good. Would I do it again? Hell no.

We arrived later than sooner, so we were seated at the edges of the room and even if the actors had headsets with microphones and were roaming around the entire restaurant, I wasn’t able to hear much without straining myself, so I often got up and went more towards the center to feel more involved.

My table was a lot of fun though, so no matter what we enjoyed our time and pretended to be flapper detectives, except for my friend Gen, who was randomly (or not) chose to be part of the “show” as Miss Featherbottom The Third  and she took it seriously which made the rest of us die with laughter.

As I said before, if you go with a group of fun friends, dress up and emerge into the whole atmosphere and get actively involved in the solving of the murder, you’re going to have a blast!Murder mystery dinner

You know those movies that you loved watching the first time, but it doesn’t hold up the second time you see it? This life adventure has the same fate…at least with me

So do it once and do it right! And use the 20s slang list they provide at each table
…to help you out here’s a list you can look at before you go – 20s Slang

So? Cash or check?   (meaning – do we kiss now or later?)  :) fun, huh?

Here’s their link – The Murder Mystery Company

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